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Signature Restaurant Recipes by Victoria J. Bailey and Kim K. Crandal

Every successful restaurant is known for its distinctive approach to food—the style, ingredients, flavor combinations and presentation. SAVOR A TASTE of the California Desert is a feast for the eyes and palette with a collection of popular recipes from favorite restaurants in the Palm Springs, Califonria desert resort communities. A beautiful book of recipes and photographs with innovative starters, salads, an array of main courses and a sampling of sweets.

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How to Throw a Golf Club

Illustrated Novelty Book by Wally Wheeler

A light-hearted how to book for experienced and occasional golfers alike. This delightful romp pairs humorous golf club throwing instructions with whimsical illustrations that will make you smile. Learn how to throw a club with pride, achieve the proper mental attitude, adopt the appropriate verbal expressions and much, much more. This is the perfect gift for yourself or the golfers in your life who take the game much too seriously.

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Rock & Rowlands Flashback-Five Decades of Music Photography

By John R. Rowlands

Five Decades of Music Photography, which include concert photos and portraits of such music legends as Elvis Presley, the Beatles. the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan. Police, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, Bob Marley, Gene Simmons, Elton John, Grace Slick, Eagles, Tina Turner, Jim Hendrix, Joe Cocker, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Keith moon, Peter Townsend, Jim Croce, Carole King, John and Yoko, and blues legends, B.B.King, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, and Chuck Berry…so many more. These photos have need been published and is a limited collectors editions as seen.

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La Quinta-Legend In The Making

By Victoria J. Bailey and Gayl Biondi

A tribute to the City’s 25th Anniversary of its incorporation, this hardcover book chronicles those groups and individuals that shaped the community from its humble beginnings as a stagecoach stop to where it is today as one of the country’s premier destinations. From agriculture to celebrity culture, the legends of La Quinta make fascinating reading.

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Entertaining Your Way

By Andrea Way Rosenblatt

Andrea Way Rosenblatt has been throwing elegant and casual parties for friends and family for more than 40 years. Her friends consider her a party maven. Entertaining Your Way is her way of guiding you through the process of planning a party and making it easier than ever. Any get-together — from a casual barbecue to a formal dinner party − should be fun for both guests and hosts. It should never be stressful for anyone. In this lavishly illustrated book, she shows you the rules she’s learned in her decades of being a hostess.

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