The Cuckoo Chronicles Three Keys to a Happy Life and a Dynamic Business

Laughter and Perspective for the Ages

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The Cuckoo Chronicles is a hysterically warped collection of 125 bone tickling stories each with a serious lesson, perfect if you need a lift. Based on actual events, The book is an account of what happens when patients in a mental hospital are able to escape, after the visitors are mistakenly interned, and the inmates are allowed to waltz out the front door and into society. And they get into everything! They become doctors, lawyers, rabbis, pimps… they even go to work for – “The Phone Company!” Casualties include celebrities, public companies, the press, and hundreds of other unsuspecting victims – no one is safe. No matter how outrageous the situation, there’s always a clear “Moral of the Story,” all of the Morals examined closely in part two of the Book — an Intense Fundamental Review of the Principles for Success — with even more funny and real life story illustrations