Ten Under Par Plus a Priest
One Country, One War, One Sport and
Many Miracles…

By Michael Patrick McCarthy, M.D.

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This is the second book by Dr. Michael McCarthy. Ten Under Par Plus a Priest is about 10 heroes of our Greatest Generation who fought on the front-line combat while defending our great Country and also shared a love of golf.

The priest is McCarthy’s’ older brother, Francis Jonas McCarthy of the Franciscan Order and an uncanonized Saint. The author reveals some of the miracles Fr. Jonas channeled.
You will read about Kamikaze attacks and what it was like to be a Japanese American, interned and forced to live in a stable shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Includes stories about Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus and who has ever heard of a Chicken Sexor.

The Navy’s famous Blue Angels, Franco Harris’s “Immaculate Reception,” and moments from the life of world champion pool player Willy Mosconi are but a few of the many diverse and exciting life and death witnessed up close and personal by the 10 great Americans in Ten Under Par Plus a Priest.