The Love I Choose To Remember
A healing book for families going through divorce

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The Love I Choose is a healing book for families going through divorce. This beautifully created resource will allow families new spiritual insights needed to weather the tumultuous events of divorce. Through reflection and prayer, Jude Marie shares heartfelt stories of God’s guiding light through one of the darkest times in their families’ lives. These deep spiritual and reflective stories of God’s faithfulness and miraculous intervention will inspire and encourage you and your children. The majestic photographs of Michael Forsberg reflect God’s commitment to reveal His presence through nature. This is a book that can inspire families to persevere through every trial. God uses His word, godly council, and the fellowship of believers to support families in crisis and help them grow stronger in their faith and love for Christ. This book resulted from many outpourings of such love, the Love We Choose To Remember.